Our story began 6 years ago

In 2012 we bought our first house and that was our first experience with a total renovation.
In 2016 we sold our first house and we bought our second and the renovation started all over again, but this time with a lot of experience and our first baby by our side :)

Our new house, located in Borgerhout/Antwerp, is an old mansion and built in 1925. This house had all the opportunity to built something special with value. And that’s what we did. We created two guest houses, an private apartment and an office/workspace.

In the meantime we also started our own business. We sell special and handcrafted furniture, which we have carefully selected for you. You can find all items here.

But after the arrival of our twins in November 2016, we had to choose between Kif Kef shop or Kif Kef accommodation. We decided to focus on the second.

Our two guest houses are fully furnished; one with a very feminine Scandinavian interior and the other one modern with a industrial/bohemian touch.

You can book your stay at Airbnb and Booking.com or send me an email on apartment@kifkef.be or loft@kifkef.be

We love to meet you!